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Winning the autograph game
Autograph hunting at the Great American Ball Park ...
Steve Koschal a wanted man; his website spouts contempt for his own industry, but ADN has learned he is in contempt of court as well...
Click to view his warrent for immediate arrest from the state of New Jersey.
The George and Helen Sanders Autograph Dealer of the Year
award goes to Larry Meredith who owns Sterncastle Collectibles in California.
Bonds target of perjury investigation
Barry Bonds could be facing bigger problems than baseball's probe into his alleged past steroid use.
ALL EYES are on Barry Bonds.
Major League Baseball's investigators are watching him. Congress is watching him.
"...we have not made a mistake yet..." -- a bold claim that does not begin hold water
ET phone home, but can you sign my book first......
The iada-cc, is it a case of multiple personalities?
A Badge of Honor?
"Follow the Money"
The ink is still drying on a freshly forged signature...
This is a $6,000 baseball now
If the price is too good to be true....
it is probably a fake.

In an Interview conducted by Rocky Landsverk of FWPublications, dated January 25th 2006 and posted on Steve Koschal's believed defunct organizations website iada-cc.com; Rocky asks Steve Koschel the question "What happens if somebody questions your findings, and doesn't necessarily prove you wrong initially, but what is your process, your initial reaction? "

Steve's reply "That hasn't happened yet. To add to that, have not made a mistake yet, to our knowledge....There's nobody, so far, who has come to us to say that we made a mistake. "

What follows is our opinion on the subject and an attempt to answer that question by providing real documents that show how in our opinion an innocent collector named Dr. Michael Blue, the late Charles Hamilton, and the UACC Ethics Committee once tried to get a simple refund from none other than Stephen Koschal for what in our opinion an obviously forged Geronimo signature that Mr. Koschal sold to Dr. Blue. The following documents should speak for themselves, telling a tale of a lame forgery, a duped client that just wanted a refund, and an ongoing tug-of-war between Dr. Blue, Stephen Koschal and the UACC Ethics Committee.

Look through them and come to your own conclusions, you decide whether Stephen Koschal's statement above is as phony as the Geronimo he tried to sell.

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Now look at these items recently authenticated by Koschal this is probably the tip of the iceberg. These were all deemed forgeries by highly respected experts. In the case of Disney, specialist Phil Sears turned it down. Another expert noted that it was in felt tip pen that exists only after Disney's death. The Apollo 11 was examined by Scott Cornish who wrote the book on Armstrong. You decide!

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