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Steve Koschal a wanted man; his website spouts contempt for his own industry, but ADN has learned he is in contempt of court as well...
Click to view his warrent for immediate arrest from the state of New Jersey.
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ADN Fugitive Alert:

Steve Koschal at one time may have been a respected autograph industry professional, but now he is a Wanted Man.

A.D.N.’s sources have told us that this ex-husband and father of several children is wanted for contempt of court in the State of New Jersey.

It appears that Steve Koschal has been on the lamb for over 4 years. His flight from justice, his family, and the State of New Jersey just to dodge a court ordered alimony settlement.

Steve Koschal currently has an outstanding Warrant for his immediate arrest awaiting him in the state of New Jersey.

The documents presented to us (see images below), show Steve Koschal's last known address was in Boynton Beach, Florida, however, ADN has learned that he may now be in Colorado Springs, Colorado. ADN has also been told that Koschal presents a real flight risk to either Mexico or South America.

If you know of where Steve Koschal is currently hiding, please contact either
Autograph Dealer News,
Sherriff of Essex County New Jersey,
or your local law enforcement.
All information can be kept confidential.


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