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Winning the autograph game
Autograph hunting at the Great American Ball Park ...
Steve Koschal a wanted man; his website spouts contempt for his own industry, but ADN has learned he is in contempt of court as well...
Click to view his warrent for immediate arrest from the state of New Jersey.
The George and Helen Sanders Autograph Dealer of the Year
award goes to Larry Meredith who owns Sterncastle Collectibles in California.
Bonds target of perjury investigation
Barry Bonds could be facing bigger problems than baseball's probe into his alleged past steroid use.
ALL EYES are on Barry Bonds.
Major League Baseball's investigators are watching him. Congress is watching him.
"...we have not made a mistake yet..." -- a bold claim that does not begin hold water
ET phone home, but can you sign my book first......
The iada-cc, is it a case of multiple personalities?
A Badge of Honor?
"Follow the Money"
The ink is still drying on a freshly forged signature...
This is a $6,000 baseball now
If the price is too good to be true....
it is probably a fake.

The UACC is on of the most respected industry organizations, so how is it that they decided to censure one of their oldest members? On Stephen Koschal's web site he calls it a "Badge of Honor"; it reads more like a shroud of shame.

Documents we obtained from one of our sources will show a story of a man who held two high positions in the organization. But he wasn't willing to do the work he committed to in his position as of
Director of Education.

After only several months in the position (less than a year) Koschal tried to resign. He was told by then Director Bob Erickson, that his resignation was rejected.

Furthermore Mr. Erickson insisted that Koschal had committed to do the work as Director of Education and he was holding him to it.

Bob Erickson stated that these positions required work on Koschal's part, they were not just "titles you could put on your business card". Erickson went on to say to Koschal if you want to resign, you have to resign both positions at UACC.

What followed was a trail of abuse of power, harassment, and slander. Finally a defamation of character lawsuit brought but the then Treasurer, Al Wittnebert, and a full unanimous vote of censure by the board of the UACC is what it took to stop Mr. Koschal. The documents we obtained below show the complete story, culminating with the board of the UACC sighting no less than 12 documented abuses by Stephen Koschal. Look through them and come to your own conclusions

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